Vanilla Mojo ZEN-ZENII !!

$ 199.45


Zendrive Squared!
The "Vanilla Mojo" Zendrive and the Zendrive II in one BOX that can be stacked or used independently.. 9VDC to 18VDC operation, 45mA  typical current draw.
This is a VERY rare build and has a PRE ORDER STATUS 
This build can take up to 4 weeks to ship estimated* 
Can ship sooner*

The NEW Zendrive 2 features high voltage FET technology that
incredibly clones the Tung-Sol 12AX7 response.

Now less space is required and a longer life span is gained by using Alfonso’s new setup. 


Low-to-medium gain TUBE overdrive TUNG-SOL 12AX7 TONE!

Slight overdrive to mild distortion

Great dynamic response and open sound

Connectors: Input, Output, DC adapter

Power Supply: 9VDC - 18VDC center neg. adapter or 9 VOLT BATTERY


“The Zendrive is one of the most elegant sounding overdrives I’ve ever heard…. Whether you’re seeking a glass-smooth overdrive with flawless string-to-string clarity or a clean booster/sweetener for a medium-wattage combo, your search is over.” —Darrin Fox, Guitar Player Magazine

“I tried it out and fell in love with it.” —Robben Ford

“Really smooth and musical with a nice harmonic factor. It seems to adapt really well to different amps…” —Sonny Landreth

“One of the best sounding kind of overdrive pedals I’ve ever heard… fabulous.” —Vince Gill

“You really won’t find a smoother overdrive that expands your tone so effortlessly.” —Adam Moore, Guitar Player